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andheri east


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    16,504 / sq ft
    Avg. price (1,2,3,3+ bhk)
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    50,034 / month
    Avg. rent (1,2,3,3+ bhk)

Andheri East Property

  • Apartment (920)
  • Builder Floor (1)

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andheri east

10,478 - 31,757-25.9%


8,767 - 84,87044.5%


7,931 - 87,54220.3%

Goregaon East

4,583 - 81,96534.6%

Kandivali East

6,091 - 55,8287.5%

Thane West

2,707 - 6,45,9318.6%


4,319 - 71,5685.9%

Mira Road East

2,771 - 28,746-3.1%


2,207 - 31,7135.7%


3,614 - 8,66715.2%


3,918 - 12,38730.9%
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