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    • 18th Feb 20

      Where's My Share: Understanding Daughters' Right To Property

      MakaanIQ explains women's right in their fathers' properties.
    • 20th Feb 20

      Examining A Muslim Woman's Right To Property

      In a recent development, a public interest litigation has been filed asking for an amendment in the Muslim personal law on inheritance, alleging that Muslim women are being discriminated on the issues relating to sharing of property in comparison to their male counterparts. The petition claimed that the discrimination based on customary law as well as the statutory law violated Muslim women's fundamental right to equality enshrined under Articles 14, 19, 21 and other relevant provisions of the Constitution.
    • 11th Feb 20

      Are You A Landlord? These Are Your Legal Rights

      MakaaniQ lists the legal rights, listed under the Rent Control Laws in India, that safeguard your interest as a landlord.
    • 27th Feb 20

      Vastu: How Mirrors Influence Money And Health Status

      Applying simple changes in mirror placement could increase wealth in your house.
    • 14th Feb 20

      Home Sutra: Where Should You Keep That Money Plant?

      By incorporating small changes, as prescribed under the ancient study of architecture, Vastu, our homes could be turned into a more positive territory. Here is today's Vastu tip.
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