Smart Furniture Ideas For Compact Homes

Smart Furniture Ideas For Compact Homes

Smart Furniture Ideas For Compact Homes

According to a joint study by Makaan.com and Housing.com, homebuyers in cities such as Delhi and Mumbai were looking for smaller homes with an average demand for homes spread in an area under 1,000 sq ft. Eying prime locations, such homebuyers are open to compromising on space, considering rates are often quite high. Since compact homes demand smart furniture, MakaaniQ shares some ideas to help you make the right choice.

What's hot: Coffee table-cum-dining table

This coffee table is designed with hydraulics in such a way that it can be doubled up as a dining space. The hydraulics placed under the tabletop pushes it to a height ideal for a dining table. So, rather than having two different tables in the home, have one which can be moved to the dining space when your guests coming over. Foldable tables are available in various forms that make them multipurpose. These include tables built-in the wall, ones that have foldable sides, among others.

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Sleepytime: Bunk beds

Bunk beds have long been addressing the space challenge. These can be used for multiple purposes depending on the number of children one has. In case you have a single child, it can be used as a bed as well as a study table. While the study table is on the lower level, the bed can be placed on the upper one. In case of two, both the levels could be turned into a bed with the lower bed having storage underneath. Have three children? The bunk bed still works. The lower part could have another bed as a slide-out, just like the one in the picture above.

Sit in style: Modular sofa

This might seem like a regular upholstered sofa, but looks could be decpetive. This one in the picture can be used for multiple purposes when pieces of it are moved. For instance, move the leg of the L-shaped sofa into a straight line to turn it into a bed. Also, these sofas can be designed with hydraulic storage. For more ideas on how you could design a modular sofa, read this.

Off the wall: Murphy’s bed

These beds are popular in the west where the concept of compact has been prevalent for years now. Murphy’s bed can be folded into a wall when not in use and make enough space in the home. During sleep time, open it for use. These beds are generally made of wrought iron with a minimal design so that it is easily folded into a hollow space created in the wall.

Out in the open: Foldable furniture


In a small home, it is important to make optimum use of outside space also. To turn areas such as balconies into cosy sitting set-ups, buy furniture that can be folded and kept in a corner when not in use. This foldable outdoor furniture set in the picture above, for instance, fits compactly right under the table when it is not in use. The table, too, is foldable.

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Last Updated: Fri May 31 2024

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