Home Furnishing Ideas For A Safe & Healthy Lifestyle

Home Furnishing Ideas For A Safe & Healthy Lifestyle

Home Furnishing Ideas For A Safe & Healthy Lifestyle
Next time when opting for furniture and furnishings including curtains, beds, tables, chairs or cabinets based on a theme of your choice, ensure that you also focus on the comfort and health of your family and pick accordingly. (Pixabay)

When choosing furnishings for home is largely governed by fashion and style, we sometimes end up overlooking the comfort factor. While we strictly stick to a chic theme, we tend to neglect the importance of having a home décor that encourages good health as well. 

MakaanIQ highlights some common smart home décor items you must consider when buying furniture and furnishings like curtains, beds, tables, chairs or cabinets to decorate your home:



A soft sofa has been one of the major causes of compounding back problems. If the sofa is too comfortable, people tend to slouch. That is not a good posture. Similarly, wooden chairs or upright furniture could cause pain in lower back, as well as strain in neck and shoulders. Opt for ergonomic chairs and sofas, which usually are equipped with adjustment features and can be customised accoring to your preference. Even better, bean bag chairs are the most preferred ergonomic furniture used at both homes and workplaces. Bean Bags are eco-friendly, too, and are the best alternative to wooden chairs.



Soft upholstery is essential for a sound sleep. Coir mattresses have become outdated. The latest trend is the use of memory foam mattresses, which offer comfort and better support to the body. The regular bedding contains and releases toxins. Make sure the fabric, wool, cotton, hemp or bamboo is 100 per cent natural.



Select a green carpeting theme for your home. Pick natural fibre rugs, including wool, jute, silk and organic cotton; these are easy to maintain and are affordable, too. Replace carpet flooring with wood flooring, which helps improve indoor air quality.



Install furniture and cabinetry with non-toxic finishes, including varnishes, paints and lacquers. Go for brands that promote inexpensive low VOC furniture.

Walls & windows


VOC paints contain chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and acetone, which may release particles into the air, thereby harming skin and causing adverse health issues. Paint the walls, windows and doors of your home with non-VOC paints. Consider curtains and drapes that regulate sun exposure and rightly control the temperature and light, ultimately ensuring a pleasant environment. You can also opt for curtains made of organic fabric.

Indoor plants


Indoor greens function as a great home décor option. They look classy and act as air purifiers, too. Popular indoor plants include Aloe Vera, Peace Lily and Rubber Plants.

So, next time you opt for furniture and furnishings based on a theme of your choice, make sure that you also focus on the comfort and health of your family.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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