Decorating A Small Home? Keep These Things In Mind

Decorating A Small Home? Keep These Things In Mind

Decorating A Small Home? Keep These Things In Mind

Small houses have their own benefits. The primary benefits of these units are that they are easy to maintain and come cheaper. On the other hand, by using your creative imagination, you can turn a small residential space into an elegant area. But if you go wrong, you may end up making your home look cluttered.

We lists out the commonly encountered mistakes while decorating small spaces:

Too much stuff

A lot many articles of small-sized furniture can make your home appear cramped and unimpressive.

Solution: Get rid of excessive articles by opting for a single-large piece of furniture. This will, in fact, make the place look larger. Also, make use of high ceilings by placing a tall cabinet or install convertible tables.

Lack of proper planning

Simply dumping stuff into your room can lead to wastage of valuable space and spoil the look of the entire house.

Solution: A well-planned design will go a long way in ensuring that the space is effectively utilised. Segregate the room into halves and quarters and go with a task-oriented design. That is, plan your strategy based on the specific functions of a room, be it the living room, the dining room or the bedroom.

Room dividers

Breaking up the living area using room dividers will make the room look even smaller.

Solution: Create imaginary partitions and divide the room geometrically. This would facilitate a smarter interior arrangement.

Going bold

You like dark shades but do keep in mind that darker hues tend to make the space look smaller.

Solution: Opt for lighter colours, which have the power to visually expand the room and give a spacious feel. However, it is not necessary to completely avoid bold hues. You can go for a careful mix of both bright and dark colours. Install colourful cabinets or furniture units to get the best results.

Last Updated: Thu Nov 10 2016

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