How To Pick An Artwork For Your Home

How To Pick An Artwork For Your Home

How To Pick An Artwork For Your Home

MakaaniQ gives you tips that will help you in choosing an artwork which will enhance the ambience of your room:

  • Choose a piece of artwork that you love

The thumb rule in art selection is that it should be something that you love. Now, to choose a piece of artwork that you love ask the following questions:

  • What does the art piece exactly say?
  • Is this art the focal point or an accent piece?
  • Does the mood of the art compliment the décor of the room?
  • Is it an extension of your personality?
  • Will you be okay if you have to see it every day?

Answers to these questions will help you make out whether you love a particular piece of artwork.

  • Size matters

Another important factor in deciding the artwork for your home is the size of the artwork. Take the measurements of the space where you want to position it. This will help you make the right choice. Ensure that it perfectly fits over your bed, mantle or sofa.

Does your budget allow?

Usually, the value of the art determines the price it commands. However, expensive doesn't need to be your pick all the time. For instance, you may love a beautiful painting made by your child. You could simply frame it and hang it on a wall. Also, these days you will find many options available online that help you choose an artwork without breaking your piggy bank.

Does it match the style of your room?

The artwork in your home must compliment the overall décor of your home. Choose neutral hues with a more subtle design for a home having a traditional décor style. Alternatively, for contemporary designs go for bold and bright colours.

Here are some ideas for selecting an appropriate piece of art for different rooms in your home.

For your living room

Adding a piece of art in your living room is a perfect way to add grace to the room. An abstract art in your living room can really add to the overall grace. If your budget allows, place a sculpture in your living room. This will give a seemingly richer look to your home.

For your bedroom

Bedroom is a place for rest and rejuvenation. Thus, it is important to have an artwork that creates a soothing effect on you.  For instance, choose a painting of a deep ocean. You can place this painting right above your bed. Alternatively, take two small paintings approximately of the same size and put these above your bed side tables.

For the bathroom

Normally, it is the last place where one would think to install a work of art. But, it is a great option to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. An abstract art in light colours could compliment the space. 

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Last Updated: Fri Jun 16 2017

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