7 Ways To Decorate Your New Home In A Low Budget

7 Ways To Decorate Your New Home In A Low Budget

7 Ways To Decorate Your New Home In A Low Budget

Often, home buyers find themselves in a situation where they have spent all their money on the transaction and are not able to buy things to decorate their new residences the way they would have liked. However, there is no reason to lose heart, as there is plenty you could do even on a low budget.

MakaanIQ tells you how to decorate your new home by cutting some corners.



Spend on only those articles of furniture that are of utmost importance. This would include a sofa set, tables and beds, etc. You would also need to buy some chairs for the guests that would arrive for the house warming, or even otherwise. As your budget is limited, you could go to resale or flea markets to find articles of your choice at much cheaper rates. You could also buy the furniture from a friend or a relative to save on bucks.

Mattresses & bed linen


For they are a must, invest in mattresses and linen that are not heavy on your pocket. Local markets, for example, offer these things at much cheaper rates than, say, shopping malls.  Go for bright colours to make your new bedroom shine instantly.

Kitchen appliances


These are a necessity for any household. Appliances, including a gas stove, a chimney, a mixer-grinder or a hand blender and an oven are some of the basic appliances you have to invest in. While you are running low on your budget, the electrical appliances in your kitchen must be of good brands.

Utensils & crockery


For the extra money you had to spend on branded appliances, you could make it up by saving on utensils. Opt for inexpensive options instead, including ceramic, melamine or even steel. Again. Local markets would help you buy quality stuff an much cheaper rates.



Storage is of utmost importance to de-clutter your home. Create enough storage space by buying cabinets that could store the extra crockery, cleaning products and other miscellaneous products, and wardrobes that could fit all your clothes, bath products and other accessories. Going for resale products would again help you save money.



Invest in good lighting when moving in to a new apartment. Buy quality lighting to ensure that it does not die out too soon. For instance, you could buy LEDs for your home which might be expensive for now but have a life of five years and consume less power. In place of spending on expensive chandeliers, buy scones that could add to the beauty of your home while lighting it up.

Plants & vases/pots


Plans and shrubs are one of the most affordable ways of home décor. Buy some basic green plants for both indoors and outdoors potted in solid-coloured pots like red, yellow, orange and others. This will make these plants eye-catching and add colour to your décor.


Last Updated: Tue Sep 18 2018

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