Tips To Decorate Your Vacation Home

Tips To Decorate Your Vacation Home

Tips To Decorate Your Vacation Home

In order to escape from the city's hustle and bustle, a vacation home lends much-needed respite from a stressful life. Wherever you have your home, whether in the mountains or near the sea-side, the décor has to be completely different but at the same time reflect your signature style.

So, if you have or are planning to buy a vacation home in India, MakaanIQ shares some tips that would help you decorate this property:

Durable linen


When doing up the interiors, make sure that fabric for both linen and upholstery is durable. Invest in high-quality cotton that is easy to clean and maintain. What more? Cotton is perfect for every season. Make sure you have the right equipment stored at this home to clean the linen and upholstery that might gather dust over time. Opt for bright colours, hues that complement the weather outside. For linen, opt for pastel colours that are pleasing to the eyes and are known to relax the mind.

Functional furniture


Being in the middle of nature you would want to stay outside more — in the courtyard or the balcony. So, opt for more functional furniture which is not just beautiful but can also withstand harsh weather conditions, including cold, humid as well as the rains. You can also opt for a single set of furniture that could be used both outdoors as well as indoors. For instance, invest in folding wooden chairs and table set, ottomans, bean bags, and even bar stools. A high-quality wood would be perfect for this purpose.

Minimal yet statement


Away from your city home, make sure you make this home minimal. Do not fill this property with too much of decorative items. The more things, the higher the need for maintaining them. Be minimal, let the feeling of leisure seep in. In fact, for this property to look different from your city home, add only a few statement pieces that would make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Crockery to serve many


Many a time, we go on a vacation with our extended family or friends. It is fun to travel in numbers. And, it is even more fun to cook together, serve together and eat together. Well, to cater to a number of guests, make sure your vacation home is well equipped with required essentials and crockery. You won't find these things on a hill-top or on a beach. Invest in bigger utensils that could cook a good amount of food, and a set of crockery that is big in number. Make sure you have all that you need — from glasses to forks, and from spoons to cups.

Open spaces


Leisure is the bottom-line of any vacation home. The idea is to get away from the crowded city, and a limited-sized apartment. So, to ensure you breathe well, think well and feel relaxed, have a lot of open spaces in this home. Have sliding glass doors that open to the balcony, which mix the exterior with the interiors when kept opened. Construct an open-style kitchen this will make your living room look bigger and feel spacious. Also, to add more, create a skylight on the ceiling and enjoy stargazing at night. 

You could also consider these: 

  • Mason Jar Flowers

Easy to find Mason jars are a budget friendly decor item. These can be used to create a colourful garden right at the door steps of your vacation home. Alternatively, you can hang mason jars full of colour-dyed dried flowers on the wall. The colourful flowers will add a fresh feel to your vacation home.

  • Wood Framed Mirror

An old wood framed mirror is a great décor item to add character to your vacation home.  You can place it in your bedroom or living room. Try to go for wood framed mirror that will give a natural feel to the home. Now, place this on a white coloured wall. Keeping a flower pot near the mirror will create a beautiful colour contrast.

  • A Small Rustic Table

Furniture plays a great role in determining the final appeal created by the vacation home. A small rustic table placed on a wooden floor is an ultimate décor item for a vacation home. You can adorn this table with antique flower vase or picture frames.

  • A Rustic Coffee Mug Holder

A rustic coffee mug holder is a great way to adorn the walls of your vacation home. For creating a rustic coffee mug holder take a piece of palette. Spray some paint over it. You can also write an inspiring quote over it. Now, add some hooks to the palette. Your rustic coffee mug holder is ready and that too without too much of investment.

With inputs from Mishika Chawla

Last Updated: Fri Jul 27 2018

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