In Getting Back To Basics Lies The Key To Solving Urban Woes

In Getting Back To Basics Lies The Key To Solving Urban Woes

In Getting Back To Basics Lies The Key To Solving Urban Woes

India is in the middle of an urban revolution that will change the way we live. More and more people will shift to cities and participate in economic activities, thus doing their bit towards nation building. However, large-scale urbanisation comes with its own set of problems. For instance, congested roads happen to be a key feature of all big cities in India. This makes it essential to promote modes of transport that are healthy not only for the residents but also for the environment.

Urban planners in India are aware of the issue and have already started work on creating a cycling culture here, a concept quite popular in many European countries. Under the smart cities mission, cities are paying attention and creating cycling lanes in their attempt to promote eco-friendly mode of transportation.  

For instance, Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal will see launch of a large-scale public bike-sharing (PBS) project in February. The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) launched a first cycling track on Hoshangabad Road. The cycle track will have stations facilitated with a board computer and integrated electric locks made primarily for German-made bikes.

Even Uttar Pradesh has given green signal to build a 200-km Bicycle Highway between Agra and Etawah districts.

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On the other hand, cities must also pay attention to create sports complexes and parks which will ensure that the coming generation has ample space to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Cities are already working on it.

For instance, Thane would soon get a new sports complex, sprawling over an area of 67,817sq m, at Mumbra. Chhattisgarh capital Raipur is also developing a multi-entertainment park under its smart city project. The park will have a sports complex, walking tracks and artificial water streams.

In Gujarat, the Baroda Football Academy (BFA) will build a well-equipped sports complex at Gotri to provides professional training facilities. In UP's Allahabad, a children's park, a sports complex and a cycle track will be built soon.

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Recently, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) approved an amount of Rs 3 lakh for the construction of a park based at Lalitha Nagar, Ramnagar Gundu, Secunderabad.

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Last Updated: Tue Feb 28 2017

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