This Car-Free Village In Washington Teaches You How To Live Happy And Healthy

This Car-Free Village In Washington Teaches You How To Live Happy And Healthy

This Car-Free Village In Washington Teaches You How To Live Happy And Healthy

On Washington's green Bainbridge Island is a village that has redefined the way communities could live. People living in this self-sufficient village enjoy a quality life without causing any damage to their surroundings. Known as Grow Community, the village is working towards achieving net-zero energy status.

MakaaniQ shares interesting facts about this village:

  • This village is a three-stage project located on a former site of Navy housing, spread in an area of eight acres. The three stages are -- The Village, The Grove and The Park. While The Village is complete, the other two are under construction. The entire project is likely to be completed by end of 2017.
  • The project takes inspiration from One Planet Living sustainability principles put together to create a cluster of net-zero homes. One Planet Living is a framework with 10 core principles, including efficient use of water, energy, and sustainable materials; reduction of waste; protection of wildlife; and support for local economies.

brainbridge island(bestinamericanliving)

  • The project aims to grow the density of this region responsibly by using prefab construction. It was in nearly a decade ago that a group of investors acquired the land parcel here and started developing the project by collaborating with local developer Asani. The aim was to turn this land parcel into an energy-efficient neighbourhood boasting of 1.5 times more density than allowed.
  • The community has 142 residents, and one of the residents, Architect Jonathan Davis, designed the first stage of the project, also known as The Village.
  • While The Village is a mix of housing placed in close proximity, the other two phases will have condominiums and townhouses located around two central squares.
  • The houses in The Village have Marvin windows and doors, energy-efficient GE and Frigidaire appliances, Mitsubishi heat pumps and Zehnder HRV systems.
  • The first phase came up with 43 units which included 23 single-family homes, two apartment buildings and 10 small rentals piece. These properties were priced between $300,000 and $500,000. The owners were also offered discounts and offers on utilities as a result of tax rebates and solar energy savings.

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  • Every buyer here is allowed to customise the interior finishes of the house in compliance with the community's sustainability guidelines. Moreover, these houses do not have closets but built-in storage made of fir plywood.
  • To develop a social responsible and an emotionally healthy environment, the residents of The Village greet each other every time they pass each other. Children are also given common micro-hoods to bicycle together.
  • Each micro-hood in The Village has nearly eight houses coupled with common outdoor spaces. The privacy of dwellers is ensured by keeping large windows towards the south and small ones pointing north.

brainbridge Island Grow Community(GrowBrainbridge)

  • This community is completely car-free as there are no roads here. The parking lot is also at the far end of the place where the path for Grow Community starts.
  • The Village also features gardens and orchards created by Tim Goss, Kia Micaud and HomeGrown Organics.
Last Updated: Thu Jan 19 2017

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