9 Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Complete Makeover

9 Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Complete Makeover

9 Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Complete Makeover

Retiring to the bedroom after a busy day is bliss. Hence, extra care should be taken to ensure that this room of your home is a place which gives you peace and keeps you warm. Mismatched furnishings, improper lighting, unpleasant colours and cluttered surroundings could severely hamper a restful sleep. In case your bedroom is not giving you the right kind of comfort, it is probably time to give it a makeover.

MakaaniQ brings you nine ways you could give your bedroom a complete makeover:

A headboard makeover

Bedroom 1

Since your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, invest in a headboard that stands out. Replace the old headboard with an attractive headboard which is sure to up the glam quotient of your room. You could make it noticeable by adding a bold colour, a unique shape, impressive height or a stylish fabrics like linen or velvet. 

Lavish upholstery

Bedroom 2

Once you have the ideal bed, it's time to add a lavish bedding and quality mattress. You might just need one or two pillows but make sure to add some cosy yet decorative pillows to give the room an extravagant feel. Luxurious blankets also add much-needed style to the foot of your bed.

Chic windows

Bedroom 3

Dirty window areas can decrease the charm of the house. Do a thorough cleaning of your windows and install drapes that hang to the floor. This not only makes the room look bigger but also creates an aura of sophistication.

Dress up the walls

Bedroom 4

Adding a photo gallery on the wall is a smart home décor trick. Liven up a corner of your bedroom by hanging framed pictures reflecting your precious family moments. Cover your walls with enticing wall decals that reflect your personality. Another way to add spark to the walls could be to simply colour one wall or a part of it with texture paint or a wallpaper. Use the empty space behind the bed with wall hanging tapestry.

Glamorous lighting


Keeping the lighting subdued is very important for the bedroom. Do away with the cheap ceiling fixtures and old faded lampshades. Install stylish hanging lights — small chandeliers or drum shaded fixture. Similarly, for the lampshades, opt for a rich-hued shade with a pleasing pattern or metallic accents.

Catchy flooring

Bedroom 5

Replacing the flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting would be a cumbersome and expensive affair. The easiest way to add magic to the floor includes placing a colour-coordinated rug could be an inexpensive and clever way to give your bedroom a new lease of life. Look for narrow rugs that fit comfortably around the edge of the bed with mixing textures and patterns suiting your preferred theme.

Mirror magic

Bedroom 6

Mirrors are multi-functional elements which can add charm to any dull space of the house. Placing mirrors, with large decorative frames, on the walls can make your room appear large, add light and of course create a luxurious feel.

Go green


Enhance the beauty of the bedroom by adding living houseplants that would work wonders for your home. They are helpful not only in purifying the air but add a touch of nature to your home décor. Place a vase with a bouquet of fresh flowers for the desired charm to your sleeping chamber.  

Statement piece


Display your 'this is my room' attitude in your décor theme by including a special statement piece. It could be a cool vintage trunk at the foot of the bed, a weird piece of furniture or a handcrafted art piece you picked up in your last trip. Set up a quiet reading corner beside the bed by placing an elegant table and a mini bookshelf.

Last Updated: Mon Apr 10 2017

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