7 Ways To Highlight Your Headboard

7 Ways To Highlight Your Headboard

7 Ways To Highlight Your Headboard
Here is how you can give your bed the treatment it deserves. (Dreamstime/Photomall)

Your bed can be the focal point of your bedroom décor if its headboard is designed well. To give your bed the right treatment it deserves, MakaanIQ lists seven ways in which you can highlight your headboard to make a style statement.



Rather than placing a mirror on the side walls or on the wall facing your bed, place it as a headboard. Buy a life-size mirror framed in a Victorian-style frame with a metallic finish to give a mix of vintage and contemporary look to your room. Besides, a mirror placed on the back wall also makes your bedroom look spacious.



Rugs are generally used to furnish the flooring of our rooms. How about hanging it at the back of your bed instead? Place a rod on the wall behind your bed and hang that beautiful rug you bought for your home recently. You can select from among a variety of rugs – single-coloured, stripes, aztec, or printed. Go for a colour or colours that add/s brightness to your room.

Framed wallpaper, painting or fabric

dreamstime_s_51146607(Dreamstime/Kai Shen)

An interesting way to deck up the backwall of your bed is buying wallpaper and mounting it on stretcher bars. You could also pick a nice painting or a fabric art. This will create an attractive background and also add brightness to your room. Make sure that this background is highlighted in your room.

Shelf & decorative

dreamstime_s_67102725(Dreamstime/Paolo De Santis)

How about placing your favourite decorative pieces in your bedroom? Install a carved shelf on the wall behind your bed and you are ready to place some interesting decorative like flower vase, porcelain figures, ceramic plates, candles, etc. Bear in mind that this shelf should be so high that your head does not touch it when you are sitting.


dreamstime_s_64530679(Dreamstime/Petro Kuprynenko)

On a plain wall behind your bed, drape a mix of two bright curtains. Place them in a window scarf style for a beautiful fall and a fairytale-like look. You could choose from a variety of fabrics, including organza, jacquard, silk, linen and cotton.

DIY Old window or door


Removed an old ceiling-to-floor window or door while renovating your home recently? You could use this as a headboard for your bed. Paint the window or door to keep the rustic look alive and place it behind your bed. This will add an interesting vintage look to your bedroom and also become a centre of attraction in the room.

Photo wall


This is one of the most commonly used ways of doing up the wall behind your bed. Paint a square or a rectangle on the wall in a different colour and hang some family photos there. Invest in some interesting frames of different sizes and see your bedroom come alive with all the happy memories.

Last Updated: Wed Apr 27 2016

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