7 Materials That Are Apt For A Table Surface

7 Materials That Are Apt For A Table Surface

7 Materials That Are Apt For A Table Surface

A table is not just a table. It is one of those things that are a definitive part of your home-décor process. Little wonder then that homeowners of today are experimenting with different table surface materials that are in sync with the decor theme of their home. In this article, we tell you what material is the most suitable for you to build table tops.



Love wood? Decor experts suggest that you could pick wooden tops for table base made of wrought iron. Wooden top will give a luxurious twist to the otherwise casual wrought iron, making your decor look contemporary.

Pros: Wood is known to give an ageless look to the table mixing easily with the other furniture. It can withstand heavy weight.

Cons: Wood is likely to expand or contract based on the humidity conditions of your home. It is likely to be damaged by moisture or extreme heat.

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To give your living area visual lightness and spacious look, you could choose glass tabletop. This tabletop works well with all types of table base, including wood, wrought iron, acrylic and marble.

Pros: Can give your home a spacious look. It is easy to clean.

Cons: Be careful with glass top as these are breakable when hit by something heavy or sharp. Avoid placing it if you have children at home. Being transparent it shows stains and fingerprints quickly.



Granite is one of the most durable tabletop that can add luxury to your living area. It can be used on tables for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pros: Granite can withstand heavy usage and extreme heat. It is easy to clean and is durable.

Cons: It could stain with prolonged exposure to moisture and oils.

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Marble is synonymous to luxury. For tabletops, marble can be used in various styles -- the natural look or carved. While the natural look could work for contemporary homes with minimal decor, the carved tabletops would add to the elaborate and luxuriously designed home.

Pros: Marble is known to withstand extreme temperatures; it needs to be sealed and polished in order to ensure it is not completely porous.

Cons: It is also susceptible to stains and can also show scratches and dull with time if exposed to acidic liquids.



An alternative to actual wood, laminate is available in various finishes and patterns. It is made of layers of solid wood veneer that make it strong and durable.

Pros: Laminate is a cheaper alternative to wood that is durable.

Cons: Laminate tabletop could chip or scratch with heavy usage, cutting job or placing hot pans on the surface.



This new-found material after making its mark in modular kitchens is now making its entry into home furniture, too. Acrylic, available in wide range of colours and finishes, could be apt for different types of decor themes.

Pros: Acrylic is durable and scratch-resistant material. It is easy to clean.

Cons: When exposed to high heat, it could melt.



A home that has luxury written all over it, from its size to location to each and every decor piece in the house calls for a centre table that is as classy. Leather tabletop could be an apt option for such a home. Cozy and luxurious, leather tabletop is required to be kept with a lot of care. However classy it may be, leather will wither out with time.

Pros: Leather has aesthetic appealing.
Cons: It is susceptible to stains, scratches and cuts. It requires a lot of care.

Last Updated: Wed Mar 06 2019

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