5 Articles Of Furniture You Can Live Without

5 Articles Of Furniture You Can Live Without

5 Articles Of Furniture You Can Live Without

Were you excited to deck up your home in a way you imagined and, in the process bought almost everything that interior magazine told you to "get the right look". While you were excited to recreate the magazine look, you ended up buying furniture that you didn't need or even articles that were too heavy for your home. Want to know what articles of furniture are these? MakaaniQ lists furniture you can totally live without:



You bought them to lounge on every day and relax. Though that was the plan, you couldn't follow it for more than a week. And now, the recliner is kept in a corner of your living area, eating up space and being used only once a week. Recliners are not only an expensive piece of furniture but are heavy and cover a lot of space in your home. You can totally do away with it if you have one at home. Just ask yourself, "do I really use it?".

Side tables

Side Table(Shutterstock)

In the process of creating a complete look of your living area and even bedroom, you added side tables. While side tables have no purpose apart from being a piece of furniture to place decorative, these take up space. And when placed in a bedroom, these end up being dumping grounds for smallest of things, making your room look cluttered. Why not do away with these?

The wooden dining table

dining table(Shutterstock)

Bought for those rare family get-togethers, the bulky wooden dining tables generally end up being a piece of furniture to place almost everything. Just got the groceries? Keep them on the dining until sorted. And even other things. Think and decide you might just not need this piece of furniture robbing you off an ample amount of space. Rather replace it with more modular options with seating only that you need regularly.

Sectional sofa set

sectional sofa(Shutterstock)

Sectional sofas can give your home a luxurious look, but only if your home is spacious enough. In case you bought it for the look, but now it is taking up precious space at home, get rid of it. Sectional sofas are not in vogue any more and are known to take up space and are difficult to maintain, too.

Bulky cabinet or shelf


Took a cue from the article on interesting bookshelves and installed a stylish wooden option for your home? But one thing you didn't check was that the space this shelf will take in your home. First, the heavy wooden built and then the piling of books on this shelf makes it too much for your home. Why not spread the books across rooms? Install wall shelves instead and place a few in living room and few in your bedroom.

How to get rid of these articles of furniture:

  • Sell online: Use online platforms and sell furniture to people looking for it on a budget.
  • Donate: In case you are up for some charity, give away these furniture pieces to the people in need or organisations that help those in need.
  • Give it to a friend: Check with your friends if anyone is looking for a particular piece of furniture and you have it. They could buy it from you at a price lesser than what they would have paid for a brand new piece.

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Last Updated: Fri Jun 16 2017

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