5 Unexpected Things That Could Happen During Renovation

5 Unexpected Things That Could Happen During Renovation

5 Unexpected Things That Could Happen During Renovation
Invest in wood that is termite resistant and get it treated too.(Dreamstime)

Home renovation on your mind? It could be a daunting task especially if you are planning to give your home a complete makeover right from scratch. While you put everything in place including the right contractor, quality products and even a perfect design plan, certain things that may occur during the process may take you by surprise.

Don't get crazy while you experience the unexpected, rather, be prepared and minimise the risk. Here is a list of things that might occur unexpectedly during your home renovation process:

Damaged foundation

Are you renovating a decades-old home that has not been given any makeover whatsoever for years? This could be an issue that you might face. This could be detected with a small blow to the wall and cracks emerging all through the wall. This is a sign of a weak foundation and how these walls need to go and be replaced by a much stronger and new construction. Take this sign seriously to ensure that all the money that you are investing in the renovation process is worth it and you are not living in a home that has a weak foundation. Remember it could be life threatening.

Pest invasion

While the process of renovation begins it can be seen that the termite that invaded your cupboard has also eaten up the doors and the kitchen cabinets, too. While these may look in perfect shape from the outside, these have been turned hollow from the inside already. Homes that are constructed on land that was used for farming earlier generally face this problem. Get everything wooden in your home removed and before you install the new woodwork, get a complete pest control. Also, invest in wood that is termite resistant and get it treated too. Areas where you have to install cabinets, make sure that the back wall is covered with ceramic tiles before the installation as dampness in walls paves way for breeding of these pests.

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Exposed to loud noise

Not just your home, you will also be subject to the unexpected. Plan to get your kitchen or bathroom renovated while you are living in the same house? Remember you are signing up for days of noise. From bringing down the tiles and cabinets using hammer, to drilling and cutting of tiles using saw machine and use of other power tools, there will be loud noise that machines will make. Be prepared for it, before it gives you a headache. Try to stay put in the farthest of rooms while the work is on. Or do you have those noise cancellation over the ear headphones? They won't be that bad an idea to wear and move around the home, sans music, of course.

Exposed to harmful fumes

Home renovation means new building materials being delivered to your home, being opened within the premises. Especially when your home is being painted, the fumes can be harmful. Generally, paints, furniture and upholstery have a certain level of volatile organic compounds or VOCs as we know them. Even though the paint companies claim no-VOC material these are still harmful to inhale. These could have a prolonged damage on our body if exposed for long. Make sure you wear a face mask all the time during the renovation process. Along with the VOCs, for those allergic or suffer asthma, continuous exposure to dust could also be harmful, too.

Electrical gone haywire

This could be a problem that may occur if your electrician is not well aware about the main wiring of your home. Make sure you hire someone who is well trained and equipped. At the time of renovation, many of us get the placement of switches and appliances changed or even get new ones installed. All this require a change in placement of wires. There are cases when contractors end up breaking a connection while bringing down an area of the home or even a wall through which wires are running. This could call for a complete breakdown of your electrical system. Make sure your contractor and electrician work in sync and both are present at the times when an installation is happening.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 24 2019

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