Wood That Fights Fire & Removes Stress

Wood That Fights Fire & Removes Stress

Wood That Fights Fire & Removes Stress

Flooring, cupboards and walls made of wood are evergreen. Wooden decor adds grace to the home, giving it an exquisite feel. However, in the case of mishaps caused by fire, how does one minimise the risk caused by wood? There is an eco-friendly way to do so!

Dry wood is known to catch fire only after temperature crosses 300-580 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon the kind of wood and the extent of decay. Decayed wood is easy to ignite and the higher amount of moisture can further accelerate the process. 

Korea-based company, Shin Young Wood Co Ltd is keen on entering the Indian market with a distinct kind of preserved and quasi non-combustible treated wood. Its benefits are unique — zero gas toxicity, which means in case of fire there is minimum damage to life and property; has dimensional stability; and unlike bricks, it is uniform in size, pattern and structure.

“Other benefits include far reduced construction period, labour and cost of construction as this kind of wood is available for immediate use. You could also look forward to the preservation of natural fragrance, temperature and humidity control,” says SS Kim, general manager at Shin Young Wood.  

It is also interesting to note that these come in different varieties including Japanese Cypress and Japanese Cedar and has a distinct smell that can keep insects away. It is also said to remove stress and help smoothen your skin.

As real estate and allied industries develop to cater to the new class of buyers, a lot of these lifestyle choices will keep cropping up. There are variations and competitive products available in the market to suit your need and choice. Fireproof plywood is already in the Indian market now. However, it is recommended that you opt for certified products only. 

Last Updated: Mon Jan 08 2018

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