4 Home Inspection Mistakes A Home Buyer Should Avoid

4 Home Inspection Mistakes A Home Buyer Should Avoid

4 Home Inspection Mistakes A Home Buyer Should Avoid

Do you dream of a home that is not just beautiful on the outside but also, functional and well-constructed? If yes, then home inspection becomes an essential part of your home-buying process. Performing an inspection on the property you are planning to buy helps you identify any hidden defects in the building and save you time and money. The process involves a thorough examination of the home's condition keeping in mind long-term investment, a high-quality structure as well as safety for the building's occupants. Professional home inspections equip you as a home buyer to effectively evaluate risks of a property purchase.

But there are instances when even a homebuyer tends to make costly mistakes. MakaaniQ lists four such mistakes that you as a home buyer should avoid when conducting a home inspection.

Not hiring professionals

This could be detrimental for a home buyer. While you as a home buyer could look in to the visible discrepancies, a professional and trained home inspector will be able to look smaller details too. There are many home inspection service companies that have made their way into India. There are certified agencies that offer professional service for inspecting all accessible areas of a residential property with specialised tools and equipment and provide value added service like moisture intrusion assessment, termite problems, etc. Not hiring professional inspectors will deprive the homeowner of expert consultations. They not only help in resolving prominent defects in the house, rather help in identifying areas of the home which need preventative maintenance.


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Ignoring the inspector's advice

Issues pointed out by the inspector should be considered because something as small as a leaking pipe could turn into a bigger problem later. For instance, some cracks may not be prominent and needs special efforts to identify them. Once identified, make sure to rectify the issue. If the inspector tells you that the roof has only few years left, it is better to replace it immediately rather than wait till further damage to the property.

Ignoring exterior problems

Most home inspectors just consider inside of the property and tend to overlook the exteriors, for instance, rooftops, underground pipes, tanks, etc. This could be an additional burden on the buyer later. Ignoring issues like leaky plumbing could promote growth of moulds, cracking foundation and rotted wood.

Not asking questions

Homeowners often hesitate in asking questions or are embarrassed to admit their lack of knowledge on some issues. Ensure that you get your money's worth. Walk through the house along with the inspector to learn about different home systems and how they operate. By not raising concerns or asking questions, you could end up dealing with serious structural problems at a later stage.

Last Updated: Tue Jun 01 2021

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