#HomeSutra: Mind The Corners Of Your Centre Table

#HomeSutra: Mind The Corners Of Your Centre Table

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Your living room is certainly one of the most crucial part of your home. It is where you spent the most time of the day and also, where the guests tend to sit. Sofas, couches, lighting and interiors are a few elements that help in building the entire ambience of your living space. While there are different types of tables available in the market to match up to your interiors and type of décor you have maintained, there are few differently shaped and cornered tables that might interest you at first but might be a concerning proposition if you have kids at home. Avoid having centre tables with sharp edges. Not only are they an injury risk, they also result in Vastu Dosh. 
Vastu expert Acharya P Khurrana talks about the importance of centre tables and which ones we should keep in our homes for prosperity in our lives.

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