Home Sutra: Where Should You Place Your TV?

Home Sutra: Where Should You Place Your TV?

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It would be hard to imagine a house without a television. Have they not become a basic necessity for all of us? They are not only a source of entertainment; they are also the source of information and keep us connected with the world. However, do take due care while place your television set.

  • Make sure that your TV is placed in the south-east corner.
  • Do notplace your television in the south-west or the north-east.
  • Avoidplacing your TV in your bedroom.
  • In case you are placing the TV in the bedroom, ensure that it is positioned on the one side of your bed and not in the middle of the room.
  • Clean the TV set regularly.
  • Place a Vastu pyramid near the TV.
  • Make sure that the TV is out of children's reach.

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