Home Sutra: Where Should You Place Your Tulsi Plant?

Home Sutra: Where Should You Place Your Tulsi Plant?

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Tulsi is not just a sacred plant for Hindu families — this herb also known as Basil possesses immense medicinal properties that makes it a must-have plant for every household. Often used as an ingredient for tea to cure common cold, Tulsi also plays a pivotal role in removing negative energies from the house and eliminating various vastu defects.

So, bring home this wonder plant to ensure good health, wealth and happiness for your family. However, keep the following Vastu tips in mind when placing Tulsi plant in the house.

  • The best part in the house to place a Tulsi plant is the eastern side. If it is not possible, place it in a balcony or a window in the north or the north-east direction. Ensure sufficient sunlight is available.
  • The plant must always be kept in odd numbers like one, three or five.
  • Ensure the area surrounding the plant is neat and clean. Do not keep things such as brooms, shoes or dustbins around the planter.
  • Tulsi is regarded as a female plant. Make sure it is not placed along with thorny plants like cactus. You can, however, place other flowering plants in the vicinity.
  • Maintain the plant by watering it regularly. Avoid keeping a dry Tulsi plant in the house as it attracts negative energies.

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