Home Sutra: Where Should You Keep Your Gold?

Home Sutra: Where Should You Keep Your Gold?

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The yellow metal, gold as we know it, is regarded highly auspicious by Hindus. We go on a frenzy to invest in gold during festivities. Loved for its everlasting charm and sometimes passed down through generations, gold is also a great investment tool. Quite often, our social standing is also defined by how much of this shiny metal we possess.  So, the fluctuating gold prices should not deter you from buying it as clearly there are many benefits of bringing this precious metal into your house. Do follow these Vastu tips when keeping gold at home though.

The ideal directions

The north direction is ruled by Kuber, the treasurer of the Hindu gods. So, gold and other jewellery can be placed in a locker room created in this direction. The south-west, the south and the west are other ideal directions for keeping gold ornaments inside the locker.

Dos and Don'ts

*Wearing or keeping gold at home is believed to attract good luck, peace and stability in the household. Gold has a good effect on the body and adds warmth and calming vibrations which has the power to heal.

*Gold should be placed in a red or yellow cloth, along with saffron. This is considered auspicious and brings prosperity.

*Jewellery or cash box can be placed in the locker. However, it should be noted that they should not be visible from the main entrance or the bathroom.

*While choosing jewellery or ornaments, go for regular shapes such as square, round or oval. Triangular-shaped jewellery should be avoided as sharp corners invite negative energies.

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