Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placing A Computer

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placing A Computer

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Computers or laptops are a common sight in every household, given these are an essential tool for work, communication and documentation. However indispensable these devices are, electronic gadgets can send negative vibrations if they are not placed in directions compliant with the ancient science of Vastu. 

According to Vastu, here are some of the tips you must follow when placing a computer or a laptop in your home: 

*Computers used for educational purposes should be placed in the study room.

*Electronic appliances and machines, including computers and laptops, can be placed in the southeast corner of the house.

*Do not place such a computer under any ceiling beam or near the toilet.

*Ensure the person using the computer faces the east or the north direction.

*Use a rectangular table for placing the computer. Avoid irregular shapes, glass tables or those with round or sharp edges.

*Keep the area around the computer clutter free. Do not keep water elements close to the machinery.

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