Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies To Correct Defects In Bedroom

Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies To Correct Defects In Bedroom

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Placement of the bed, your sleeping position and the correct amount of lighting  impacts the quality of sleep. According to Vastu experts, presence of beams, mirrors, sharp corners and unwanted stuff under the bed can cause negative vibrations, affecting a person's health. Vastu demarcates zones for the placement of a bedroom to ensure a stress-free life for individuals.

The position

Bedroom's built in the aagneya corner or the southeast direction can lead to health problems. Likewise, a bedroom in the northeast direction or ishanya corner can cause disputes in a relationship. Incase the bedrooms in your home are not built following rules prescribed under Vastu, you could follow the below listed Vastu remedies:

*Reposition the bed in the southwest corner of a southeast bedroom. This will minimise the negative effects.

*Sea salt is said to absorb negative energies and is recommended for removing any Vastu defect. Place a bowl of sea salt or camphor crystals inside a northeast-facing bedroom.

*If possible, paint the walls of a northeast-facing bedroom in white or yellow colour.

*A bedroom constructed in the centre of the house or the Brahmasthan can bring ill effects for the occupants. This zone is sacred, and presence of a bedroom is a Vastu dosha. Install a Crystal Lotus or a Copper Pyramid for bedrooms located in this zone.

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