Home Sutra: The Vastu Behind Curtains

Home Sutra: The Vastu Behind Curtains

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Curtains create an effect which can completely transform a living space. With attractive curtain fabrics such as silk or velvet, one can add the much-needed lustre to a living room or a bedroom. When choosing curtains for doors or windows, we usually consider factors such as the size, the shape and the aesthetic appeal. However, it is also important to be aware of Vastu rules when placing curtains in our house.

Some useful Vastu tips in this regard are listed as follows:

  • Curtains of blue, saffron or yellow colour can be placed in the living room. The room can also have curtains with darker shades like deep red.
  • Choose green, pink or blue colours for the dining area.
  • Vastu recommends light-coloured curtains for the bedroom. Ideal colours could be lighter shades of green or blue.
  • White, grey or light blue colours are the best for bathrooms.
  • Always use two-fold or double layered curtains for your home.
  • Hang curtains of blue colour in the north direction as the colour is believed to absorb negative energies.

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