Home Sutra: Significance Of Empty Kalash At Home [Video]

Home Sutra: Significance Of Empty Kalash At Home [Video]

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There is an adage that silence is golden.
Since ages, an empty kalash or matki has been dotting our homes. An object that is also used for decoration as well, Kalash is used for important rituals and customs on all important Hindu occasions and ceremonies.

According to Vastu, an empty kalash in your home can make you realise the limitation of how much to speak and what not to speak with your family, friends or colleagues. Speaking senselessly leads to heartbreaks and broken relationships. One should not speak aimlessly and intentionally or unintentionally antagonize others. Harsh words have the potential to ruin any good bonding between two individuals. So, always keep in mind whatever big or small conversation you have with others on any subject, your words should carry the weight. A talkative or chatty person is not accorded any importance because people don't take him seriously.

One can avoid such kind of situations by applying small Vaastu remedies. Watch this episode of Home Sutra with renowned astrologer and Vastu expert P Khurrana to know more about the relevance of keeping an empty kalash at home.

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