Home Sutra: How To Place Wind Chimes?

Home Sutra: How To Place Wind Chimes?

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It is not only for the beauty that we love wind chimes; the soothing sound they produce is good enough to bring our minds into a state of trance. Then, there are several others benefits, too, of adorning our homes with these articles. According to Vastu, wind chimes are an efficient tool to eradicate Vastu-related defects. Are you ready to pick some wind chimes to beautify your home? Here are some tips you may consider:

  • Place metal wind chimes in the west, the north or the north-west direction.
  • Place wooden wind chimes in the east, the south-east and the south direction.
  • Place ceramic wind chimes in the south-west and the north-east direction.
  • Make sure that a wind chime has six or eight hollow rods.
  • To improve children's luck, hang a six or seven rod metal wind chime in the west.
  • Avoid hanging wind chime over your head or where you sleep.
  • Do not position wind chimes in a bathroom.

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