Home Sutra: How To Perform Lakshmi Puja?

Home Sutra: How To Perform Lakshmi Puja?

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Diwali celebrations are not complete without performing Lakshmi Puja. With all the dazzling display of lights and bursting of firecrackers, prayers are offered to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity on this auspicious day. This happens to be a ritual that Hindus continue to follow, to seek not only material abundance and luxuries but also happiness and spiritual growth.

Devotees begin the day with an auspicious bath, purifying the house by sprinkling gangajal, decorating the house and also exchanging gifts and sweets with family and friends. In the evening, the puja begins by offering prayers to the deity in her three forms, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali, along with Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, and Kuber, the treasurer of gods.

The puja is an ideal time for bonding with our loved ones. So, while you make preparations to welcome Goddess Lakshmi to your abode, we bring you some useful Vastu tips to ensure your puja is done in a Vastu-compliant manner:

  • Choose a room which is located in east or north-east directions for performing the puja.
  • While worshipping the goddess, make sure you face the east.
  • Remove clutter from your house before the Diwali Puja to improve flow of energy. Ensure that all corners of the house are well-lit.
  • Place the idols of the deities on a raised platform, with Lord Ganesha on the left and Goddess Lakshmi on his right. Ensure the area around the deities is clean.
  • The idols of gods should not face one another or the door.
  • Five must-haves for the Puja room include incense sticks, oil lamp, conch shell, panchamrit and puja bell. Also include elements such as silver-gold coins, coconut, red vermillion, etc.

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