Home Sutra: How To Paint Your Home?

Home Sutra: How To Paint Your Home?

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Colours add life to a living space, and have a great impact on our emotions, health and thought process. Choosing the right shade of paint, for instance, not only makes the room appear better but can also help in enhancing the flow of energies. Vastu recommends the ideal way to paint a house that will ensure abundance and prosperity for the family. Moreover, every colour has a special significance.

Here's a quick Vastu guide for selecting room colours:

  • The best colours for bedroom are light green, light blue or shades of pink.
  • Green has a healing effect and represents nature, fertility, abundance and prosperity.
  • Yellow, beige, blue or tan can be used for painting the walls of your living room.
  • Yellow is a bright colour which is synonymous with happiness and positivity whereas blue is a soothing colour signifying tranquillity and contentment.
  • Go for shades of brown (denotes comfort and stability) or white (denotes purity and simplicity) for the kitchen.
  • Go for a blue, green or pink (denotes joy or purity) for the bathroom.
  • Pick shades of green, pink or blue for the dining room.
  • Black color, which symbolises negativity, must be avoided in the house

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