Feng Shui Tips To Clear Away Stagnant Energy

Feng Shui Tips To Clear Away Stagnant Energy

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According to Feng Shui, the presence of Si Chi, which is a low decaying energy, causes a space to become dull and lifeless. Bad or stagnant energies can be an outcome of clutter, lack of order, presence of sharp objects or obstructing structures. There are many ways, as recommended in the ancient Chinese philosophy, which can help eliminate such harmful energy and promote good energy called Sheng Chi.

Here are some simple Feng Shui tips to clear away stagnant energy from a home or office space:

Fresh air

Make sure you open the windows, at least for some time during the day, to let in fresh air. This also helps in bringing the positive outside energy into the house while allowing the negative stagnant energy to move out. Combine this task with regular sweeping or vacuuming which counters the effects of static energy.


Generously place vibrant flowering plants or aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary or mint, especially in the living room and kitchen. This is an excellent remedy for energising the space with positive vibes while removing negative energy.


Also used in jewellery, crystals like Amethyst, Citrine or Rose Quartz are perfect décor items, too. Their unique healing properties, help create a positive environment as they absorb all the negative energies of a space.


Saging or smudging is an ancient practice involving burning dried sage, dried herbs or even incense for purifying the surroundings. In many cultures, the activity usually accompanies chanting of prayers. Burning essential oils is another alternative which will uplift the energy of the house.

Salt cure

Sea salt is not only a vital ingredient for the body but also a precious Feng Shui cure for purifying your home and life. Keep bowls of sea salt in various corners of the house which would work as magnets to pull out the stagnating energy. Cleaning the house areas - the windowsills, kitchen floor, refrigerator and bathtub - using salt water could be another option to remove stagnant energy.


Ringing of bells or wind chimes is also a popular Feng Shui practice that results in positive vibrations and streamlined flow of Chi.

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