Feng Shui Tips For Study Room

Feng Shui Tips For Study Room

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The mind is a sensitive organ and wanders in the presence of noise or clutter. This is why parents cannot afford to take risks when it comes to creating a perfect environment for their kids. A Feng Shui-friendly study room basically includes adjustments with the elements to boost creativity and concentration.  

Make sure you create a conducive environment for your child’ success by following these simple tips:

*Views from the window can be distracting. Hang crystal balls, plants or wind chimes on the main window which will allow optimum energy flow into the room.

*The hues have a big role to play as darker tones augment the yang to cause restlessness. Pick lighter shades. A metallic- colour theme improves concentration levels.

*Place an amethyst tree decorative on the northeast corner of the study table. This enhances the mind’s retention power.

*While you keep the room well-lit and clutter-free, also go for quality furniture. Sitting in an upright position with a solid wall support for the chair promotes good health.

*Jade Pagoda or Dragon Gate are not just Feng Shui décor pieces, they are known to bring academic excellence, too.

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