Feng Shui Tips For Office Space Colour Theme

Feng Shui Tips For Office Space Colour Theme

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As most of us spend many hours of our lives in an office space, we must ensure the environment is positive which promotes overall professional growth. According to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, colours can help you achieve that.

Fire: Shades of red, orange, purple, pink or bright yellow that exude fire colours play a vital role in boosting productivity or morale of individuals. Also, they are compatible with the south direction, which is the fame and reputation corner. Choose purple colours for office desk accessories to invite abundance. The back-left corner of your work desk represents wealth. Place a purple-coloured plant or a valuable object at this spot. Moreover, a yellow colour theme would greatly benefit an office space that lacks the sunlight.

Water: Accent colours of light blue, black or white will bring harmony and calming vibes to the space. Choose an artwork or an accent wall in these water element colours that suit the north corner which represents the life areas of career and path in life, to boost career. You can also go for metallic tones such as greys.

Wood: Wood element colours such as browns and greens invite fresh and healing energies while ensuring professional growth. The best way to attract the benefits of this element is by placing indoor plants. The southeast corner of money and abundance is the best place to use this colour.

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