How To Live On A Low-Budget Rent?

How To Live On A Low-Budget Rent?

How To Live On A Low-Budget Rent?

While moving to a new city, the biggest challenge that you face is choosing the perfect accommodation. But, there are chances that the house you chose to live in may not be pocket-friendly for you.

Here are some hacks that may help you live on a low-budget rent:

Share it

Sharing accommodation is the easiest and the best solution to live on a budget. Sharing your apartment would not only save you rent, but will also save money that you have to shell out for expenses including power and water bills, groceries, housekeeping, etc.

Phone a friend

If you have friends who live in the same city where you are shifting, it is a great idea to live with them. Not only will they be acquainted with the city, it would be easier to adjust with them as flatmates. In a way, you will share and divide the expenses besides enjoying the fun of living with your friends.

Learn the basics

If you rely domestic help to do your daily chores, you will have to shell out a good amount of money. When you have decided to live independently, learn some basic household chores that you can take care of your own. Eating out every time can damage also you're your finances. By learn cooking, you can save a decent amount of money.

Walking the extra mile

Look for an accommodation that is close to your office or educational institution to save both time and money.  At times, travelling even short distances can cost you a heavy sum. For better savings, try to look for a home closer to your workplace.

The smaller the better

As you have to live alone, you may not need a large-size apartment. Look for a size of an apartment that you will actually need and use. For single occupancy, renting a 3BHK would not make much sense; a studio apartments will be fine enough. 

Less is more

To cut down your expenses, it is better to keep only those things at home that you actually need. Keeping multiple and unnecessary things will require more maintenance.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 12 2016

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