5 Things Your Landlord Wants You To Know

5 Things Your Landlord Wants You To Know

5 Things Your Landlord Wants You To Know

Landlords are not always the terrifying ones. There are plenty who are cordial and helpful and expect the same from their tenants. While you are on a rental house hunt, you will meet a range of landlords, all with different attitude and expectations. But, there are certain things that will remain common among all landlords. This includes expectations and also, what they have to offer.

MakaaniQ lists five such things that every landlord wants you to know:

Make that first impression

Coming to make a property visit, make sure you make that first impression. I will see how well you are dressed, how punctual you are and also, how you communicate. When coming to meet me, think like you are coming for a job interview. A lot of how you maintain yourself talks about how you will maintain my property in the future. All of these small gestures say a lot. Come prepared.

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I will investigate about you

When making a visit tell me the truth about all the details I ask you regarding your background, your employment or education status, and even your financial standing. Even when you have shared all the details, and we have struck a deal, I will investigate about all these things. I will also check with your previous landlords about the kind of tenant you are. All of this will help me make a guided decision of taking you in as a tenant.

Facing a problem in the new apartment? Tell me

Now that you are moving in your new apartment, I want to graciously tell you that I will be just a call away if anything goes wrong in the apartment. I understand that you are new to the locality and you might not know the service providers and I will be happy to help you find one or get the repair work done. Tell me in time so that the problem doesn't worsen for you as well as for me.

I can help resolve neighbourhood issues

Facing an issue with the neighbour? Don't get into nasty quarrels, tell me instead and I could help you two to resolve the issue. It can be anything ranging from keeping garbage bags outside the door to late night loud music. I, as a landlord, could come to your rescue and find the middle path.

I am keeping an eye on how you maintain property

I have my own subtle ways to keep a check on how you maintain the property. While I make a visit to you every now and then to know that you are doing fine, I also see how well you are maintaining my property. Clutter around is ok with me until and unless it is not damaging my property. In case I see a discrepancy, be ready for me to point it out.

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Last Updated: Tue Mar 23 2021

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