Discounts please, thank You

Discounts please, thank You

Discounts please, thank You

Considering that the last Diwali season saw property prices under­going various levels of cor­rection, the question proper­ty seekers were asking this festive season was whether they would be offered any freebies at all? While some offers this season were limit­ed to free air-conditioners, television sets, etc, others focused on discounted rates.

A survey conducted by Makaan.com for metros and Tier II cities of India entitled 'Festive Reality' has found that cash discounts were appreciated the most when developers doled them out to customers. This is because property seekers today have become more mature and prefer offers that are easy to evaluate and can directly make difference to the cost of a property.

Nationally, 45 per cent buy­ers felt that projects/options tagged with cash discounts, would be their first prefer­ence. On the other hand, 19 per cent are not interested in any kind of freebies. For them, other factors like location etc matter more. For 15 per cent property seekers, parking facility and club membership along with the ideal house, is enough to close a deal. Another 14 per cent prefer a fully furnished home to any other freebie.

On the developers' side, 59 per cent realtors across cities felt that cash discounts can attract maximum property seekers; another 13 per cent felt that buyers give prefer­ence to fully furnished prop­erty options.

The survey was conducted on the portal between October 1 to October 12 and saw participation from over 3,800 property seekers and 312 leading national develop­ers. A majority of the respon­dents who participated belong to the age group of 26-35 years.

Last Updated: Wed Aug 07 2013

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