International Real Estate Gears Up For The Future

International Real Estate Gears Up For The Future

International Real Estate Gears Up For The Future

The future of real estate is quite interesting. From smart homes to convertible apartments to mobile offices — all of these have already held on to the market. But that is just the beginning. As if it were a leap into the future, some futuristic building materials may just surface soon.

Here are a few examples:

  • Structural cracks could do you a lot of harm. Imagine a paint that could sense these and alert you! Well, a group of experts from North Carolina State University and the University of Eastern Finland are doing just that. These would help tackle problems before it becomes too big to be addressed.
  • If stability and durability is in question, a non-toxic wood made of sustainably grown timber is making its way into The Netherlands. Accoya wood is said to be long lasting — about 25 years even if it is contact with ground or freshwater, or 50 years, if it is on dry land. It can retain paint for a very long time which will help you cut time and expense involved in painting and renovating your house.
  • Considering how much we use our phones today, don't you wish you had a phone that would get charged even without a charger? uBeam will do just that for you. The company is coming up with wireless charging stations that would be similar to WiFi. You can tuck it into your wallpaper or on any decorative item in your house. That explains how your wallpaper doubles up as a charging point!

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  • Researchers from the University of California studied the Roman way of building and found that the concrete used in their constructions it is distinctly different from the regular modern concrete. Roman concrete uses mortar mix of volcanic limestone which then reacts to form crystals. It expands into the space and binds the structure for increased stability.
  • If Smart Cities is a vision for tomorrow, a company by the name Totem Power is an answer to such technological innovation. A seemingly odd design for a street light, the platform combines solar energy and energy storage, WiFi and 4G communications and even charging electrical vehicles all into one channel.

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Last Updated: Mon Feb 20 2017

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