Double Delight For Jewar Farmers: Builders Plan To Provide Jobs, Homes

Double Delight For Jewar Farmers: Builders Plan To Provide Jobs, Homes

Double Delight For Jewar Farmers: Builders Plan To Provide Jobs, Homes

In the very beginning, it was decided that land would be directly purchased from farmers to develop the region’s second airport in Greater Noida, without invoking the land acquisition Act of 2013. The idea was to speed up the process so that work on the project could start sooner. The first phase of the airport project is expected to be ready by 2023. The second airport in the region will be built at an estimated budget of Rs 20,000 crore.

After farmers threatened a Bhatta-Parsaul-like protest over compensation, authorities are seen trying every trick in their book to appease them.

After several rounds of negotiations which led to the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (Yeida) offering land owners in Jewar three times the circle rate for their immovable assets, it was also made clear by the government that the project to build the second airport in the national capital region could be dropped if farmers were unwilling to part with their land.

"The farmers were assured that their land will not be procured without their willingness as per the instructions of Chief Minister Adityanath. The farmers will consider our proposal and respond. We hope for the best… If they (farmers) do not agree, the airport project might be dropped,” Yeida Chairman Prabhat Kumar told media on August 16.

While prevalent land rate in the area is Rs 900 per square metre (psm), the government is offering villagers Rs 2,300 psm. The farmers have been demanding four times the circle rate as compensation.

Assuming the government decided not to hike the rate any further, the farmers would still benefit a great deal if plans of the Noida District Administration materialised. According to media reports, the city administration has approached developers’ body Credai and asked for its assistance so that the project became a reality. On completion, the Jewar International Airport will not only lessen the burden on Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, create jobs and boost the local economy but also change the face of Noida real estate for better. Data show Noida has been the worst-affected market owing to a slowdown that plagued the sector for over four years.

The district administration wants builders in the region to offer social security to the farmers.

“Since the airport project will benefit all sectors in the district, we have requested all stakeholders, including the realtors, to come forward to play their role in making the project a reality,” Gautam Budh Nagar District Magistrate BN Singh was quoted in a Hindustan Times report as saying.

“We have requested the realtors to provide jobs to children of the 2,200 families whose land will be acquired for the airport project. The builders also can help these families in getting better quality housing, healthcare and education facilities if we work together on some scheme for farmers,” Singh added.
Developers, who are reeling under the impact of an ongoing slowdown, have readily agreed.

Working on the plan suggested by the district administration, developers will provide social security to 2,200 families. Apart from assisting farmers with education and jobs, builders will also help them in meeting their housing needs.

"The land owners/villagers and farmers are concerned about their livelihood and rehabilitation in case to case basic. Such issues are causing unnecessary delay in infrastructure projects like international airport at Jewar," reads a letter by Credai to the district magistrate, dated August 22.

"Credai Western UP will arrange skill development programme for unskilled land owners, villagers and farmers and after successful completion of the programme they may apply for opportunities with the members and preference will be given to them," it adds.

Credai also proposes to give "up to 20 per cent discount in the residential projects of the members in the region".

"If you deem fit and proper, land may be allotted to us and the same shall be developed by us for rehabilitation of all the affected land owners, villagers and farmers on no-profit-no-loss basis," it said.

“If the Yeida can provide us housing land on reasonable rates in the name of a co-operative society of farmers, our association will help in developing an integrated township for 2,200 families. The township can have schools and a hospital so that farmers’ families can lead a better life,” Credai (Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India President) western Uttar Pradesh unit secretary Suresh Garg was earlier quoted as saying.

The Credai is also open to offering farmers their ready-to-move-in units at 25 per cent reduced rates if the government gives a go-ahead to this plan.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 05 2018

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