Want US Presidents As Neighbours? Here Is Your Chance

Want US Presidents As Neighbours? Here Is Your Chance

Want US Presidents As Neighbours? Here Is Your Chance

If you want to have current US President Donald Trump and former US president Barack Obama both as neighbours, here is your chance. By shelling out $5.75 million, you can buy this beautiful home in the Kalorama neighbourhood of Washington which will allow you stay close to the Trumps and the Obamas both. This house was built during 1930s and is about 10 minutes north of the Capitol building and half a block away from Obama's new rented abode.

What are the other features of the building?

  • Sitting on top, the house has a high vantage point, and hence gives a clear view of the surroundings, which are nothing less than splendid. In fact, the neighbourhood is one of Washington's wealthier enclaves and houses senior government officials and envoys.
  • Spread over .17 acres, the house offers six bedrooms, five full baths, and two partial baths over three floors.  Apart from that, in the master bedroom suite, the man and the women have separate bathing provisions. Also, there is a conservatory made of glasses and ornate molding throughout the house.

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  • The rooms in the main level have a gracious entry foyer, a tiger-maple panelled library, a breakfast room and a kitchen. It also has a powder room with marble counter, a formal dining room with ornate moulding and a decorative fireplace.
  • The living room has floor to ceiling windows on the three sides. The third floor of the house includes the large family room and splendid view of the National Cathedral and Rock Creek Garden.
  • You would enjoy the property even more if you are health conscious and like to walk. According to Michael Rankin, the broker representing the property, the neighborhood's walkability scores are very high. “You can walk to shops and galleries and restaurants along Connecticut Avenue, and Georgetown, which is a big commercial center, is an easy 10- to 15-minute walk as well," Rankin was quoted by Bloomberg as saying. The anticipation that you might bump into Obamas or Trumps would possibly be a good reason to stick to a strict walking schedule.
Last Updated: Thu Feb 16 2017

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