Make A Statement With These 5 Staircases

Make A Statement With These 5 Staircases

Make A Statement With These 5 Staircases

Have you ever imagined a home that breathes elegance and magnificence? Inspired by Victorian architecture perhaps, with some bespoke accessories and immaculate designs? Many dream of a home that takes away breath at one good glance. However, a key aspect of such magnificence is a key design element that becomes the masterpiece of stunning architecture. This indeed in most houses is a staircase that stands majestically, giving a home the glorious step-up.

Over the years, staircase has gone through its share of transformation to suit the theme and feel of the house. From bright colors, graphic looks to glass steps, stairways have evolved into a centerpiece of design at most homes. A dramatic floating wonder, sweeping steel-and-glass-spiral, each staircase design aesthetically tells a story as it cascades down to the center of a living room. One of the interesting design alteration that staircase has gone through in recent years is the multi-usage format. Besides the design, multi-usage staircase is one of the effective ways of space optimization in compact homes. While staircase can help you make the right design statement, it is important to consider the functional aspect as it helps open up a hall area to host other statement-making opportunities.

N’Hance by Navin’s Housing Architect Alankrutha shares details on five different staircases that can become the centerpiece of your home:

Curved staircase

A graceful flowing arc is often referred to as a helical staircase. Owing to its flexibility in design, curved staircases are a common sight in a variety of settings starting from office spaces to private residences. Curved staircases are made from a plethora of materials like wood, stainless steel and concrete, which is a popular choice. There is no thumb rule which states that helical stairs are to be constructed in a circular shape and instead be constructed in elliptical/oval shapes as well.

Floating staircase

One of the minimalistic and elegant staircase designs is indeed the floating staircase. Made of different materials like metal, glass and wood, floating staircase gives a rough and raw finish to the interior. Paired with gloomy colored walls, floating staircase truly makes a statement with its thin and simple lines, while the wooden version makes for a classic finish.

Traditional stone staircase

Regarded as a strong and beautiful element in architecture, stones can transform and enhance any space. Despite being a heavy material, stone lends itself to elegant staircase designs. Stone staircase brings back the feeling of a bygone era, one that conveys the majesty and gravity-defying beauty.

Bifurcated staircase

Commonly used in entrance hallways, Bifurcated staircase carries with itself a majestic aura. With a wider flight at the bottom, which then gets divided into two narrow flights at the mid-landing are now rapidly adopted by interior designers for modern buildings. With the ornate wooden finish, the bifurcated staircase is not just a statement but becomes the central focus of the house.

Open-newel stairs

One of the convenient and optimal staircase types is the open newel stair. In the open-newel design, the flights are separated by an open well creating a striking design statement in the house.

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