How To Future-Proof Your Home

How To Future-Proof Your Home

How To Future-Proof Your Home

No homebuyer will be interested in buying a property and then retrofit it with modern-day facilities that may or may not fit in. As a seller, give them these facilities in advance.

So, building a future-proof home is a smart plan in case you are constructing one from scratch. Adding features or amenities that could bring ease to the dwellers even in the future could make your property desirable and also, fetch a better price in the market.

So, here are the things that you must keep in mind when building a future-ready home:

Quality construction

The quality of construction material used goes a long way in keeping the look and feel of your property intact for years. This also ensures that the property is strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions for longer period. Moreover, it will also cut down the renovation cost for the homebuyer in the future.

In today’s time, although the number of units being delivered is multiplying, the quality of construction is deteriorating with every passing day. Homebuyers are now vigil about the same and if your property offers quality construction it will be easier for you to sell it at the right price.

Automation is a must

Connected or automated homes are already on a rise. Many homeowners are now installing automation system that not only ensure safety but also offer them ease of living. Keep up with technology and install home automation system in the home. This could help you gain more potential buyers and also, fetch a price you want for the premium amenity you will be offering.

Lifts are a plus

Lifts have become a must with changing times as multi-storey apartments become common. Get a proper license and install a brand that offers quality and good after-service. It also helps in enhancing the price of your property.

Go minimal

Minimal décor is and will be the flavour for the years to come. Adding décor features that are in vogue today might not be a great idea. For instance, modern-day kitchens may not be as modern five years down the line. Avoid trendy décor to ensure the property will be appealing to the homebuyers in the future, too.  

Last Updated: Fri Jun 28 2019

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