How to design a dream room in your dream home? Read tips here

How to design a dream room in your dream home? Read tips here

How to design a dream room in your dream home? Read tips here

Selecting a bunch of your favorite things for your home décor will give you a home that will provide you the necessary serenity and stress-free atmosphere. If you choose things that are comfortable to all the senses, you'll have a home that's a personal haven. In this article, we talk about ways to create a room you'll love by surrounding yourself with things you love.

Get Rid of Clutter

We hear most of the mothers and wives complaining about how they have to start and end their days making the home a clutter-free zone. Nisha Sachadeva, who works as an HR professional in Gurgaon, says, “Every evening when I leave from office, I don’t feel relaxed; instead I am worried about the mess that I and my family leave at home in the morning. After a busy day in office, I wish I can go to some hotel or guest house to relax and not return home as I’ll have to first clean the clutter.” Such situations arise because we don’t organize things at home in the first place and the storage is generally overflowing with scrap. If we de-clutter and arrange the things that are required in the daily life, everything will be in place and not out on the bed. The best way to surround yourself with what you love and need is to get rid of things you don't love and don't need. It is perplexing to have things out of place and is very daunting to know that you have something but cannot find it.

Therefore, spend some time sorting through your possessions and discard the things that have no place in your life now. If you keep things for sentimental reasons, put them away carefully until you have time to actually use them. If you haven't used something for several years, get rid of it, either by throwing or giving it away. It's an amazing feeling to be free of things that have no place in your life.

Choose lively colours

You can easily change the look of the room/home by painting the walls. Choosing the right color is a quick way to make the space comfortable and lively. If you are a introvert and feel you need to be pepped up, choose a warm, bright color to control your mood in a positive way. If you want a room to be soothing and relaxing, choose a color that gives you the feel of a spa. Or just select your favorite color and surround yourself with a color that makes you happy.

Have a good seat

Furniture in TV soaps and restaurants is really no reason to have uncomfortable furniture anywhere in your home. Rajat Narang tells us why he doesn’t enjoy eating at the dining, “We purchased a dining set similar to the one at one of restaurants we visited. All though it looks very ethnic, its daily use has given me back problems and it is also does not seem durable to me now.” Therefore, why have a stiff and ceremonial sofa if you use it for relaxing and watching TV? Why have voluminous beds when you spend 1/3 of your time in bed? There's no reason at all! Moreover, don't keep an old sofa or chair just because someone gave it to you. Spend your money on pieces that are comfortable for their intended use. Choose the best quality you can afford, especially in bedding, pillows, and chairs.

Surround yourself with images you love

There's nothing better than looking up and seeing a photo of your kids or spouse or mother, depending on who's particularly special to you. Frame photos of gatherings of friends, holiday celebrations, family photos and travel highlights and hang the photos around you. They're bound to bring up happy memories and happy thoughts.

Little additions or extractions can make a room the comfortable place you long for. Surround yourself with convenience, comfort and the things you love and your home will be your haven any time of day or night.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 22 2014

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