Follow These Tips To Choose The Right Doors For Your Interiors

Follow These Tips To Choose The Right Doors For Your Interiors

Follow These Tips To Choose The Right Doors For Your Interiors
Painting your front door with bold colors is a great way to make a statement.

When renovating or constructing a new home, we need to pay attention to a lot of home décor aspects to ensure that the space looks perfect. While you are keenly looking at every detail of the interiors, did you think about the door that opens into your living room or bedrooms? Should the door be opening into the room or towards the outside? Which design or detail work and colour will go with the interior of that room?

In case you missed on that important detail about the doors that make the interiors of your home, this guide is for you:

Stylish much: The style of the door i.e. double, single, detailed work or plain is something you must choose based on the overall décor of your home also, of the specific room of installation. For instance, if your home is very Indian, traditionally designed, pick for doors with carved wooden design. The door needs to complement the traditional décor and so should have a regal design.

Swing it right: Not many pay attention to whether the door must open towards the room or outside. This can be an important aspect to keep in mind when installing a door as it can impact the complete look of your room. Choose between a right-hand or left-hand door, based on this will be the handles and hinges will be installed.

Here’s a tip for you. Do not have a door that opens into a hall or corridor, this can be harmful.

Frame it: A well framed door will ensure that it is not badly sized and also keeps it away from being damaged in the long run. Make sure that the size of the frame is right for the door to ensure easy opening and shutting.

No noise, please: Make sure you install doors that are sound-proof to a certain extent. This will keep you away from unwanted noises from the outside. To make sure this is achieved, interior doors are given a sound transmission class (STC) – this measures the loss of sound from a door. The higher the STC number the more sound-proof the door is. While 25 is the lowest STC number (you can hear normal speech), 40 is medium and 60 makes it completely soundproof.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 05 2018

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