Getting Ready For Diwali: The Last-Minute Preparation Checklist

Getting Ready For Diwali: The Last-Minute Preparation Checklist

Getting Ready For Diwali: The Last-Minute Preparation Checklist

From decorations to attire and gifts, everything must be in place, especially when it is Diwali. But, there are certain preparations and things we keep for the last minute:
Buying snacks and savouries

sweets and savouries(Dreamstime)

While you would have purchased all the sweets you had to gift your friends and family, it's time to bring home some savouries and snacks. Pick some sweets for delicacies and order in for some dry fruits too. Planning to cook specials meals on the day? Prepare a list of things you need and buy the ingredients you would need.
You could prepare sweets including Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Gujiya or even chocolates. On the other hand, some finger snacks could also be prepared for the family and friends that come visiting.
Get your last-minute decorations ready

Diya sweets(Dreamstime)

Of all the decorations that you have bought in the past week, get them up and give your home the Diwali look. While you would have already placed the new furniture or furnishing additions, it's time for small decorations such as kandeel, candles, diyas, and rangoli to perform their job. Before you place these, make sure you run a quick cleaning drive in your home. Children in the house can lend a helping hand.
Last-minute gifts


You might have missed on gifts for a friend, neighbour or for the domestic help. While making a quick trip to the market for all the food ingredients you plan on buying, carry a list of people you still have to buy gifts for. For people you know are online shoppers, you could also give them gift vouchers of their favourite online store. All you need to do is visit the site, buy the coupon and get it emailed to the person you would want to gift.
Get your wardrobe ready


Diwali is also about dolling up in new clothes and making merry. So, before the day arrives, make sure your attire is ready with all the required accessories for the complete look. If anything is missing, add to the shopping list you are making already.
Get your puja thali ready

puja platter(Dreamstime)

One of the most important rituals of the day is Lakshmi Puja. For this, prepare your puja platter with all the things required. This would include diya, roli, rice, moli (kalava), incense sticks, camphor, silver coins bearing an image of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha, a bell, water in a container, a coconut to be kept on the water container, sweets and fruits, and flowers. All these would be needed during the puja, so make sure you have all in place. Also, if there are other things based on the rituals you follow, add them to the list.
First aid

First Aid(Dreamstime)

This is an important aspect which we tend to forget. During Diwali, fire is used at multiple places. For instance, while lighting diyas and candles, and even while burning crackers. In case the children or even other family members hurt themselves, a first aid kit should be kept ready and easily reachable.

Last Updated: Thu Oct 28 2021

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