Built-In V/s Movable Furniture: Here’s What You Should Choose

Built-In V/s Movable Furniture: Here’s What You Should Choose

Built-In V/s Movable Furniture: Here’s What You Should Choose

A house should be a perfect mix of built-in and movable furniture. While built-in furniture ensures your home is designed in a set pattern, movable furniture helps give a dash of newness to your home every now and then. Since the two are slightly different, a lot many things must be considered if you have to pick one of the two.

To begin with, you will have to analyse your home’s flexibility to make a choice.

For instance, built-in wardrobes are more viable for small homes when compared to the movable wardrobes. However, this might not fit well in case of a seating arrangement of a living room. Here you would need movable retail furniture that could be moved around whenever you want to change the arrangement to give your room a new look.

Built-in furniture


The built-in furniture when once constructed and installed cannot be moved. Such furniture mostly includes wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bar cabinets, among others. These are generally designed to fit into the construction, secured using fixtures such as hinges, nut bolts, or construction adhesive. The way they fit into the construction makes the decor look seamless and minimal. This type of furniture is for those who are looking for a set design of their home, which they don’t plan to change for years to come.

Pros: This furniture type is apt for those planning to achieve minimalist look. It allows you to cut down on your expense on furniture over the years as this will stay for long. Moreover, these provide more storage when compared to movable counterparts.

Cons: This type would not fit well for those who love to experiment with their decor. Also, built-in furniture could be expensive at the time of construction as it has to be customised to your needs.

Movable furniture

Movable furniture

Movable furniture is for such areas in your home that require flexibility. Such furniture allows you to change the look and feel of the room from time to time by just changing the placement. For instance, homes that have children would need such furniture. Initially you could get them smaller wardrobe, bed and chairs. However, as they grow, you could bring in different furniture that fit their size.

Pros: This type gives you room to experiment with different looks in your
home. These come at a cheaper price when compared to their built-in
counterparts as these do not require customisation.

Cons: These do not provide storage space as these are not as big as the built-in furniture. Moreover, storage space can make them heavy and difficult to move. These also can’t be customised, so what if a particular piece you liked at the store doesn’t really fit the room?

Last Updated: Thu Mar 28 2019

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