Study Room Design Ideas For Different Age Groups

Study Room Design Ideas For Different Age Groups

Study Room Design Ideas For Different Age Groups

Your study is your private space within your private space in whole wide world. This alone explains your extreme love and possessives towards it. Such a space needs to be designed differently keeping in mind the user’s unique requirements.

MakaaniQ takes you through different patterns that will help you create an apt study room for different members if the family, including yourself.

For toddlers


This is an age when children learn the fun way. This room should be attractive, filled with interesting things that help them learn the basics.

The décor should reflect the same.  

Get your child building blocks, for instance, that have numbers on them. These blocks and balls could be in different colours. Use bright-coloured cushions with letters on them. Create a chalkboard wall for them to learn and write or draw. You could also install a tent where you could read them a book and make them learn through actions.

For teens

Study Room

Teens need everything stylish in their room. A study room for them should be their place of learning, providing them alone time with themselves. Filled with their favourite colours, make this a minimal room with a study table, a comfortable chair, a book rack and a relaxing couch. The bookshelf along with storing their books can have photo frames with their favourite photos with friends and family. The relaxing couch could work as their book reading zone where they could run their imagination wild.

For youngsters


For college-going youngsters, who have a classy yet stylish taste, a study room like this would be apt. The earthy-coloured chair and table, greens and accessories made of jute and wicker, make this room a paradise for a nature-loving youth. The room is spacious with minimal things that help the young ones to broaden their thinking horizon.

For working professionals

shutterstock_176851943 (1)

Working professionals do need their own study, especially the ones who need to go back to their books in their professional life, including lawyers, doctors and architects, having a study is important. This study can be used to even work and operate from home. To make it more adult-friendly, this study could have raw wood furniture with good storage, an office chair, a leather couch, a wall-size bookshelf and computer system. The room should be a classy space that at times could be also used host meetings.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 29 2024

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