6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Skidproof

6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Skidproof

6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Skidproof

Slippery bathrooms, a common sight, are dangerous and can be a cause of physical damage if one slips. Though a major cause of slippery bathroom is stagnant soapy water, it is not always possible to keep it water-free. However, some smart design changes and minor renovations can make your bathroom area safe and accident-free.

MakaaniQ lists some measures to ensure that your bathroom flooring is skidproof:

Choose anti-slip flooring

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The first and foremost step towards bathroom safety is to install anti-slip flooring. Such flooring not only offers a strong grip but more friction as well. Pebble tiles are one of the safest materials to be installed for safe bathroom floors.

Divide into sections

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Most of the bathrooms have open plan layout with a sink, shower area and a toilet seat in a flow. This results in a wet floor after the shower. Dividing the bathroom area into sections can resolve this everyday problem as it will prevent water from spreading everywhere. The demarcated zones are ideal for maximising safety. The sections can be divided by using glass walls.  

Use skid-free rugs


Throws and rugs are also one of the causes of household falls and accidents. Rugs are not only essential for the bathroom but also add a touch of style to the space. Rubber suction mats are the best to be used in bathrooms. Opt for materials that are highly water absorbent and soak excess water. Do not keep plastic bathroom mats as they are slippery. Keep rugs near the sink and the tub for better and instant grip.

Ensure proper drainage


A proper drainage system is a must in a well-structured bathroom. For more stylish look, you can choose a square or an elongated drain hole rather than the conventional round one.

Install grab bars

grab bars(Dreamstime)

Installing grab bars is another step towards bathroom safety, especially for old. Strategically place bars and handles in crucial places near accident-prone areas such as shower or bath tub. The bars and handles can serve a dual purpose of hanging towels and offer you safety.

Ensure proper lighting


Having adequate light in the bathroom is always the best way to check hidden water spills. In addition to normal lights, you can also install pendant lights in the bathroom which also looks attractive. If possible, try and install a window in the bathroom area to get some natural light.

Last Updated: Tue Feb 07 2017

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