5 Ways To Save On Your Remodelling Costs

5 Ways To Save On Your Remodelling Costs

5 Ways To Save On Your Remodelling Costs

Shilpa and Sahil Singhvi, a Gurgaon-based couple, planned to give their family home a makeover. While the duo kept a budget of Rs 2.5 lakh to remodel the home with latest fixtures along with basic paint job, an upgradation of certain bathroom and kitchen fixtures took their set budget up by Rs 1 lakh.

Remodelling your home can cost you more than you had planned to spend. But, don't let this dampen your plans rather tread carefully and find areas where you could save. MakaaniQ shares five ways using which you could save on your remodelling expenses:

Stick to your choice

While you are setting a budget for remodelling, alongside, decide on the fixtures and material you would need during the process. Leave no room for an upgrade or picking on an expensive alternate in the future. However enticing the upgraded fixture seems, remember the impact it will have on your pocket. Think, do you really need that upgrade?

Tasks you could do

During remodelling there can be tasks that you could do yourself and not hire a professional for it. For instance, miscellaneous things including fetching the things needed during construction, cleaning of the house after everyday remodelling job, among others. This way you could save on the unnecessary labour costs. Moreover, in case your kitchen is being remodelled, set up a makeshift kitchen and cook at home rather than ordering out every day and adding to your expenses.

Look for substitutes

Do your research well when choosing construction material and fixtures. Survey various markets and similar options available and you might find two similar quality products at different price points. What if you find a lower-priced item of good quality and configurations you wanted? You will save your money.

Refurbish not replace

There are certain things at home that can be refurbished rather than being completely replaced. For instance, cabinets if in good condition can be refurbished with new laminate and hinges rather than removing the complete structure and bringing in a new one. Moreover, furniture can be another example. Replace the table top and give it a new look.

Placement of  plumbing and wiring

This is not only an expensive affair but can also be a cause of chaos later. Do not change the placement of plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. First, you would end up spending a lot on the wear and tear that will happen to your property during the process. Second, what if the pipes installed are not placed right? You will end up spending more later in case of discrepancies.

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Last Updated: Thu Nov 22 2018

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