5 Bollywood Actors Whose Interior Decoration Sense We Absolutely Love

5 Bollywood Actors Whose Interior Decoration Sense We Absolutely Love

5 Bollywood Actors Whose Interior Decoration Sense We Absolutely Love

We follow celebs in every way. From fashion to décor, we love to imitate celebrities. MakaaniQ lists some of the celeb homes that will inspire you to follow their interior decoration trends.

Parineeti Chopra's sea-facing dream home 

parineeta pic (1)

Bollywood's drama queen Parineeti Chopra's sea-facing dream home is based in Khar, Mumbai. The house was designed by Shabnam Gupta after she studied Parineeti's, her likes and dislikes. This is the reason that the interiors of the house reflects the personal style of this bubbly actress. There is a soundproof entertainment room wherein she reads her scripts. Her favourite corner in the home is her story book wall. The wall has covers of the books that Parineeti read when she was young. The dining area has one of the walls that boasts real Bakelite telephone lamps.  Along with this, the home comprises of massive bookshelves and retro replicas. A veranda garden with a swing makes it a great place to live.

Hrithik Roshan's child-friendly home

hrithiks home

Hrithik Roshan's home is a breezy home. The décor of the home exhibits the sporty personality of Hrithik Roshan. His home has billiards table, foosball table and a vending machine that gives out chocolates. Along with this, Roshan himself penned wonderful quotes and quirky one-liners. These are well-spread around the home reflecting his funny side. The design of the home is motivated by the idea of sea, travel and family.

John Abraham's simple yet elegant home

johns home

John Abraham's Mumbai home has been awarded as the best home by the Indian Institute of Architectural Design. The home of this fitness freak has a gymnasium in the lounge area wherein he devotes most of his time. Besides this, the entire house has around 52 audio speakers showing the star's love for sound. John's love for nature is reflected in his dining area where in the table is made out of a dead tree. Also, the sea facing terrace adds to the beauty of this simple yet elegant house.

Kangana Ranaut's Mumbai house

kangana home

Kangana Ranaut's Mumbai house is decorated in a manner that takes her closer to where she came from. Greenery in the home's interiors along with use of colors such as blue, green, orange with lots of red gives Kangana's house the touch of mountains.  Also, the drawing room in the home has a small temple. Basically, the interiors of the home has all the elements that will connect the star to her roots.

Akshay Kumar-Twinkle Khanna's artistic home

akshay house 1

The artistic home is based in Andheri. The sea facing house is very spacious with beige walls. The entire home is designed by Twinkle Khanna. The décor of the home is known for its contemporary art, family pictures, and a combination of plush and subtle interiors. The highlight of the home is the chandelier.  She has used chandeliers in almost all the rooms. Twinkle Khanna used the space under the stairs for storing books.


Last Updated: Wed May 31 2017

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