4 steps involved in property renovation

4 steps involved in property renovation

4 steps involved in property renovation

Renovation involves meticulous planning and detailing. It can get expensive but not as expensive as buying a new house. Renovation can be done in 4 steps.

Step 1: Finding the right contractor or builder. The contractor has to have a good experience and has undertaken and completed a number of projects. The contractor also must be willing to operate on the specified budget and on the specification mentioned.

Step 2: The contractor should make a blue print of the new look of the house, and an estimate of labour and material costs. Once the blue print is approved by the house owner, he must make the contractor to sign a contract, with the plan, budget and the time required for completion of renovation mentioned.

Step 3: It is advised to help the contractor in completing the shopping the material mentioned in the plan and get the best available goods in the market. This will give the house owner to choose himself the materials that will go into the renovation process.

Step 4: House owner must pay regular visits to the site so that he knows the progress of the work. The house owner must see if the construction is happening on time and must make sure that it gets completed as agreed. Before the final payment is made and possession is taken the house owner has to make sure every thing is constructed as per the plan. If the construction is not as per plan the contractor must repair it as per the plan.

Last Updated: Fri Feb 03 2012

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