10 Novel Ways To Store Your Novels

10 Novel Ways To Store Your Novels

10 Novel Ways To Store Your Novels

No matter how popular e-books become, nothing beats the charm and smell of a real book. With a larger collection also comes the responsibility of perfectly storing and displaying them. Books are a treasure of knowledge, and they become even more alluring when showcased on a classy and creative bookshelf. MakaanIQ lists 10 ingeniously designed book cases to preserve your volumes.

  • Staircase bookshelf


Imagine if your bookcase doubled up as a staircase to your basement. You must have seen an entire wall designed in a bookshelf, but a staircase full of your select books is a great idea.   

  • Invisible bookshelf

eb0c03c938f04abd87769fa876f67bd6(Pinterest/Francesco Mugnai)

With an invisible bookshelf, your books would appear to be floating midair. The best part is that such bookshelves are easily available at lifestyle and book stores and come with an inbuilt hardware. All you need is just a screwdriver.

  • Wall-mounting

wall mounted bookshelf designs(Pinterest/thayray.com)

Bulky bookcases occupy a lot of space. In a small place like a studio apartment, it's better to go for a wall-mounting bookshelf. These serpentine wooden logs run along the entire length of the wall and offer a lot of storage.

  • Booktree



If you are a die-hard romantic and a voracious reader, a booktree shelf will help you create the feeling of reading in the woods.

  • Has been read... Will be read


This way of organising your books is quite different from the dreary bookshelf at your granny's place. This bookshelf simply classifies your books as “Has been read” and “Will be read”. So, whenever you buy a new book and plan to read it later, it doesn't get lost in your bulky volumes.

  • Check bookshelves

40ff52712243d52c647bd7adbd51c2c0(Pinterest/Urukia Magazine)

The V–shaped sign that is often used to signify check can also be used to hold up books. Storing books in these check bookshelves can be very interesting, as it exhibits the importance and significance of books through its design.

  • Bookseat


A bookseat is an innovative bookshelf that playfully curves and takes the form of a seat. It is the best example of utilisation of multi-functional spaces.

  • Yule bookshelf

Pinterest - Hebdoblog.com - Guillaume cavailles(Pinterest/Hebdoblog.com - Guillaume Cavailles)

Yule bookshelves are apt for those who need to add new shelves but have run out of space along the walls. These beautiful wooden bookshelves can be placed anywhere in the room and fixed to the ceiling.

  • Bookworm shelf


Without compromising on its strength and functionality, a bookworm shelf is definitely the most revolutionary way of storing your treasure of knowledge. It is a curvy bookcase without any definite shape but is truly contemporary.

  • Piped shelves


If you don't want to dedicate your entire wall for a book shelf, a corner industrial bookshelf made of heavy iron pipe is a great book storage idea. It is a clever way to utilise the neglected space and is easy on pocket.  

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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