Here's How You Can Pay Property Tax Online In Delhi

Here's How You Can Pay Property Tax Online In Delhi

Here's How You Can Pay Property Tax Online In Delhi

Paying your property tax is important, but does the process of filling lengthy forms and standing in long queues daunt you? To give relief to property tax payers, several municipal corporations across the country have introduced the online payment facility to pay tax on property in India.  

To pay house tax online in Delhi, all you need is an internet connection, credit/debit card and the right papers and details. MakaanIQ tells you the things you need to know about online property tax payment.

What is property tax?

Property tax is a levy on properties that landlords have to mandatory pay every year. A homeowner is expected to pay this tax to the municipal authority under which his or her property falls. The money collected through this tax is used for maintaining basic infrastructure of the city. Property tax is levied on the annual rental value (ARV) of the property.

What is property ID? 

The municipal authorities allot a unique identification number or property ID to each property at the time of property registration. This is the ID by which your property is located in government records, so you need it while paying house tax online.

Key instructions to follow

  • You have to quote the property ID in returns and in correspondence
  • Remember the last property ID allotted to your property
  • Use the same ID to file the return for subsequent years
  • In case you forget the ID, you can search the last ID of your property on the website


There are certain properties which are eligible for exemption from property tax. These include:

  • Cremation ground
  • Property used for charitable purposes
  • Government buildings
  • Heritage buildings
  • Public places of worship
  • Agricultural land


A property can be evaluated on the basis of certain criteria. These include:

  • Neighborhood area
  • Construction process
  • Possession factor
  • Building age/construction year
  • Number of floors
  • Covered area
  • Empty area

How to calculate your property tax

  • When paying property tax online, the website of the municipal corporation concerned automatically calculates the property tax on the basis of inputs of your property details
  • The various parameters on which the tax is calculated include the built-up area, building type, floor factor, etc.
  • You can also check tax rates, amount due and rebates on the corporation's website.
  •  The formula for calculating the property tax is Annual value = (Covered Area X UAV X Age Factor X Use Factor X Structure Factor X Occupancy Factor)

    Complete guide to paying property tax online

Let us take look at how you can pay property tax online in Delhi-

  • Go to www.mcdpropertytax.in, the property tax payment site of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi 
  • Choose your municipal corporation -- North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation or East Delhi Municipal Corporation

Property Tax Online In Delhi

  • Read the terms and conditions and check the box next to 'I Have read and I accept the Terms & conditions mentioned above'

Property Tax Online In Delhi

  • Click on the button saying 'Click here to file property tax...'

Property Tax Online In Delhi

  • Enter your property ID and submit. However, if you are a first time online tax payer, you can find property ID on your previous year's property tax challan or by filing in the form. 

Property Tax Online In Delhi

You can also find your property ID through 'List of Property IDs' option on top menu. 

Property Tax Online In Delhi

  • Your Ledger Folio Number, type of ownership, type of property (residential DDA flat or agricultural property), housing colony, house number, other contact details, phone number, floor number (1st, 2nd or 3rd ), covered area, etc, will be pre-filled if you are a regular user. Do go through these details to verify if they are correct.
  • Choose the payment mode — debit/credit card or net banking
  • Submit your payment and you will get a receipt. Print this receipt
  • Save the challan generated after the payment process

Things to remember

  • Remember to check all the pre-filled data because it is on the basis of these that you get certain rebates on your property tax
  • Non-submission may call for payment of penalty with interest
  • Late payment leads to extra charges
  • A rebate of two to 15 per cent is offered to boost online payments
  • There is an additional concession for women and senior citizen owners
  • Wrong or misleading information provided by the home owners on the municipal corporation website can result into penalty

Last Updated: Wed Oct 16 2019

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